Forschung und Projekte

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Research on three languages in the early 1990s marked the beginning of a new empirical area that until just a few years ago was – if undertaken at all – subsumed under the headings of SLA or bilingualism. L3 now stands as a symbol for research on three or more languages, and for research on multilingualism and multilingual language acquisition and learning. In a research field as broad as L3, new methods of investigation must be created, and triangulation of methodology has proven to be especially valuable. Linked to these considerations are questions of how linguistic research results can be reflected in the teaching and learning of languages.

On an international scale, a number of colleagues devote their time to L3. Some of their publications can be found in the bibliography below. They meet on various occasions and during the bi-annual L3 conference founded by Jasone Cenoz, Britta Hufeisen and Ulrike Jessner in 1999. The International Association of Multilingualism was founded at the 2003 conference.

Abgeschlossene Forschung und Projekte

Eine Übersicht der abgeschlossenen Forschung und Projekte am Fachgebiet finden Sie hier

  • Bildungspartnerschaft mit derStadtteilschule in Arheilgen im Bereich Deutsch als Zweitsprache
  • Beratung und Begleitung der Beratung und Begleitung der Goetheschule in Dieburg bei der Einführung eines Konzeptes zum bilingualen Sachfachunterricht
  • Beratung und Begleitung der Erich-Kästner-Schule in Darmstadt bei der Einführung eines DaZ-Curriculums